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The world of Aviation is rapidly changing! More and more regulations are being added to the TSA line and it seems like the romance of flying is quickly changing to the nightmare of Air Travel! The great news is that now more and more people are realizing that if the skyway is going to be a viable option for their own transportation options, someone in their circle is going to have to be willing to take life by the yoke so that all those unnecessary regulations don’t have to be contended with anytime the family wants to go to the Grand Canyon or fly up to the west coast to visit aunty Marcella and uncle Franklin!

Well today you are in luck because you just landed on Aviation’s source of relevant updates and resources that will help you respond to needless regulation and what to do when Southwest Airlines wants to see your vaccine passport before you board the plane. No we are not selling fake passports but we will show you where you can learn to fly yourself to point b and beyond safely and without having to sell an arm and a leg! So besides great Aviation news and articles here, you will also get acquainted with some excellent Aviation resources! “What about the cost of learning to fly and owning your own airplane?” you ask yourself. Well then, you best better register for that coveted “The Pilot’s Lounge” membership before we feel we are giving it away too cheap!

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If you love Aviation half as much as we do, than we would love to work with you! Let’s see if your project has merit for what we are doing in the Aviation Industry. Remember, just cause it doesn’t have wings, does not mean it won’t fly with us. Maybe you have a health product that will enable pilots to fly safer and stay in their careers longer. Whatever it is, reach out to us and lets work together!