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It’s great that we can come together in relation to our love for Aviation in most cases making our work relationship that much more relatable, however, our individual features that keep us unique must still be appreciated! While most Aviation enthusiasts may love to watch the pilot in the Extra 300 yank and bank flawlessly the highly practiced 7+ G maneuvers, it doesn’t mean that everyone watching would love to trade places with that pilot squeezing his sphincters to keep the blood flow in his brain while completing the bottom of that 200 kt split S! We must appreciate the pilot that merely wants to fly straight and level babysitting the autopilot from waypoint to waypoint and gingerly lands at the end of a long flight appreciating the meal he’s about to have realizing how blessed he or she is after watching that amazing 8:00pm sunset from flight level 010. Your business is unique and we want to appreciate what makes it unique!

Our Client Is Our Boss

At Airplane Fever, we have no problem singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” as we slave away on your project! We will never arrive to a point where we think we are too good to help that Aviation themed startup. We will always remember our humble beginnings and the tattered shoes with the souls pealing off from the lack of funds because we were all in with the business will be framed and hanging where we can all see them reminding us that Airplane Fever was not born from a trust fund or corporation that needed to record losses, but from a real dream that became a vision and continues to move forward by the force of blood, sweat, tears, and the good graces of big brother that remembered his humble beginnings and felt impressed to lend a hand! On that note, If you ever feel impressed to donate to the Airplane Fever Cause, here is a button that goes straight to our bank account. Your graciousness will never be forgotten!

Airplane Fever Each Client Is Unique


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