Cessna 182Q For Sale w Very Low Time, Well Maintained, Accident Free Stunning Paint & Interior

Here is your opportunity to own a very low time, well maintained, and accident-free Cessna 182Q with a beautiful P.Ponk Aviation engine!


Cessna 182Q For Sale w Very Low Time, Well Maintained, Accident Free Stunning Paint & Interior


1978 Cessna 182Q “P.Ponk” For Sale (N234PW)
Here is your opportunity to own a very low time, well maintained, and accident-free Cessna 182Q with a beautiful P.Ponk Aviation engine! C182s are very popular aircraft, and for good reason…they are multitalented workhorses! They carry four adults, baggage, and full fuel at good speeds and range to all types of airports. With the increased horsepower of the P.Ponk engine, climb quicker and fly even faster. With the optional paperwork-only FreshPick STC, carry 150 pounds more. Being fixed-gear, insurance is reasonable and maintenance is a breeze. With so many available STCs, Cessna 182s can be modified in so many ways. This one is IFR capable and has ADSB IN and OUT. A well-rounded and safe aircraft, C182s check off most boxes. N234PW is a fine example for you and your friends/family. The owner has spared no expense on maintenance and everything works as it should. Even the latest Airworthiness Directive (AD 20-18-1) has been accomplished with zero discrepancies noted. The annual inspection was recently completed. The aircraft has been stored in a heated hangar and cleaned after every flight. The owner is only selling as his new RV is taking up most of his time. This is your chance to own a good one!!!
Specifications (Times as of 2 June 2021):
N-number: N234PW
Previous N-number: N759MM (changed in 2008)
Serial Number: 18266103
Airframe Total Time: 1837.0 (tach 1837.0)
Engine Model: Continental O-470-R (P.Ponk Aviation O-470-50)
Engine Time Since Major Overhaul: 524.7
Engine TBO: 2000 hours
Engine Overhaul Year: 2010
Engine Overhaul Shop: P.Ponk Aviation
Prop Model: McCauley 2A34C66-NMP (Constant Speed)
Prop Time Since New: 524.7
Prop Year: 2010
Prop Overhaul Shop: Northwest Propeller Service
Annual Date: 5 Feb 2021
Engine Compressions: 78,66,72,72,78,80/80
Fuel Tank Size: 74 gallons useable
Useful Load: 1144.35 pounds
ELT Battery Due: Feb 2023
VFR Certification: 14 Jan 2020
Complete Logbooks: Yes
Damage History: No
Airworthiness Directives C/W: Yes
Year Painted: 2019 (stripe/color change)
Year Interior: 2007
Year Glass: 2011
Aircraft Location: K50 (Cook Airfield)…Derby, Kansas
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel (2007)
Garmin GNS 430 GPS/NAV/COMM (2007)
Garmin GI 106A GPS/NAV Indicator (2007)
Garmin SL40 COMM (2007)
Appareo Stratus ES ADS-B Out Transponder (2018)
Appareo Stratus 2 ADS-B IN (2018)
Appareo Stratus Dual USB Charger (2018)
JP Instruments EDM 830 Engine Monitor with Fuel Flow (2018)
ACK A-30 Altitude Encoder (2007)
Cessna 300A Navomatic Autopilot
Avionics Switch
Whelen Taxi and Landing LED Lights (2016)
Strobe Lights (2016)
Rosen Visors (2012)
Cowl Plugs
AD 20-18-1 C/W (2021)
New RT Gear Fairing (2021)
New Brakes (2021)
New ELT Battery (2021)
New Sparkplugs (2021)
VFR Certification (2020)
Ceramic Coating Treatment (2020)
New Nose Gear Wheel Fairing (2020)
New Fuselage, Wheel Fairings, and Wingtip Paint (2019)
New Skybolt Cowling Hardware (2019)
Overhauled #2 Cylinder Assembly (2019)
New RT Main Tire (2018)
New Concorde Battery (2018)
Overhauled LT Fuel Cell (2018)
New LT Main Tire (2017)
New Challenger Air Filter STC (2017)
New Vacuum Pump (2017)
Serviceable Prop Backplate (2017)
New Tach Seal (2017)
New Master Switch (2016)
New Cargo Door Latch Spring (2016)
New LT and RT Strobe Power Supplies (2016)
New Skybolt Cowling Mounts (2016)
New Whelen LED Landing and Taxi Lights (2016)
New Carburetor Float Valve/Seat (2016)
New Nose Tire and Tube (2014)
Overhauled Attitude Indicator (2014)
New Rosen Visor STC (2012)
Overhauled EGT Gauge (2012)
New RH Fuel Cell (2011)
Overhauled P.Ponk Aviation O-470-50 and STC (2010)
Overhauled Propeller and STC (2010)
Rebuilt Prop Governor (2010)
New Slick Magnetos (2010)
Overhauled Oil Cooler (2010)
Overhauled Carburetor and STC (2010)
Starter gear/shaft/clutch (2010)
New Oregon Aircraft Design Heat Shields and STC (2010)
Tachometer remarked (2010)
New Fluid Carrying Lines (2010)
Engine Baffle Powder Coated (2010)
New Cowl Saver Baffle Seal (2010)
New Baffle Seal Rivet Kit (2010)
New Lord Engine Mounts (2010)
New Continental Alternator and Mounts (2010)
New Ground Straps (2010)
Rebuilt Front Strut (2009)
New Dynamic Propeller Carb Heat Box Support STC (2009)
New Knisley Muffler (2009)
New Wing Strup Fairings (2009)
New Cabin/Baggage Door Seals (2008)
New Fuel Tank Hoses (2008)
New Alternator Noise Filter (2008)
New Carb Heat Arm (2008)
New Avionics (2007)
New Upholstery (2007)
Information is to the best of my knowledge. Please verify all information as I am human and make mistakes.


If you want additional upgrades to this aircraft or avionics, we would be happy to bid the work outside of the sale. Want a 150 pound gross weight increase…we can do it. Want a Garmin autopilot…we can do it. Want Glass in the panel…we can do it. Let us know how we can make your aircraft exactly what you want!
For More Information, Logs and Records, Inquire by visiting The Airplane Sales Page smashing the “?Questions” button!

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