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Because the last thing I want is the fuselage of a Cirrus SR 22 on my pancakes for breakfast!

Two pilots are better than one, they say, and your chances of making it home as a passenger are much higher with 2 pilots in the cockpit. While most of us feel safe with the bureaucratic structure and minimums of the part 141, what’s protecting me from part 61 crashing through my roof in the morning while I’m trying to rush for work all because uncle Herman wanted to take his RV-7 up one last time before his medical certificate dictated his health had expired? Do we really want more government oversight? I hope that is a resounding “Heck No!” from the Aviation community! Well then, what can we do?



Get social with #airplanefever. If you love Aviation, help us share the love of flying by spreading the Airplane Fever hashtag in your Aviation related posts and by sharing our links on your social footprint. We don’t forget about those that don’t forget about Airplane Fever!

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We would love to help you spread the word about your Aviation related product or service! Just because it doesn’t have wings, doesn’t mean it won’t fly with us. What we look for in Aviation related ads is the answer to one basic question. “Does your product or service help our industry in a direct way?” If the answer is yes, there’s a good chance we will approve your ad.

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Video & Photography

At Airplane Fever, we love combining the art of videography and Flying! Aviation was meant to be shared; one of the reasons being, because of the beauty of the “bird’s eye view”: Rather it’s a formation flight over a breath taking canyon or perfectly timed drone footage of food supplies being delivered in some lush jungle on some far corner of the world!

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Branding & Identity

If you are considering our Aviation audience as the group you feel your product or service needs to be exposed to, then your brand must something special! Come see what we have already done with a couple of our projects and then let’s talk. Our custom pricing is very reasonable and our audience is growing at a tremendous rate! Perhaps now is the right time to lock arms with Airplane Fever!

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Ever thought of a career in Aviation? Ever thought of a career where you could call the shots of your own day to day schedule without having a boss in need of anger management and a colonoscopy breathe down your throat? Ever thought of a career where your income had no cap limits and you could give yourself a raise every week if you worked diligently and every day if you worked hard yet had fun doing what you set your alarm every day for? Hmmm if not you really need to take a peek! If you have then you definitely need to smash that “Call Now” button! Hurry before I throw a temper tantrum! <—–That’s a joke but Six Figures Monthly is not!