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Because no one loves Aviation more than we do!

Our goal is to bring together and empower the people who have the love of flying in their blood, from the ones that spend hours in the cockpit, to the men and women that make flight possible in the maintenance hangars. We also honor every person in the aviation workforce, to the plane-spotting enthusiast trying to share their love of flight to the world!

Social Media

Airplane Fever has a growing presence on social media with our largest group composed of Aviation Enthusiasts, Aircraft buyers & sellers, and business owners growing through 31,000 members. Join our group today!

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Partner with Airplane Fever to empower your Aviation related business. Together we will help share the love of flight with the world!

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Video & Photography

Airplane Fever is engaged in upcoming ambitious projects, from FBO design to upcoming Aviation documentary vlog to help capture the latest Aviation tech and help grow awareness about developing Aviation technology and Aviation related efforts from land development to humanitarian projects.

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Branding & Identity

Airplane Fever has many ambitious projects on the board, but we realize in order to accomplish them, we need great partnerships. Let’s help each other grow and share our love for Aviation!

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Ambitious Aviation projects

Visit our site regularly! We are re-launching our web presence and looking to associate with great partners. Grow with us!

Airplane Fever is making waves

In our short existence, we have already made a difference in Aviation!


Years of successful work

In 3 short years, Airplane Fever has successfully facilitated the buy and sell of multiple 7 figures in Aircraft, Aviation services, and Aircraft parts.


Group Members

Airplane Fever is experiencing exponential growth on social media, and now as we re-launch our website, we are looking to lock arms with great partners that love Aviation!

Let’s work together!

Want to grow grow your brand alongside with ours? Discover how you can be a founding partner with Airplane Fever.