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Sierra Blanca Regional Airport



Owned and operated by the Village of Ruidoso and situated just north of the Village on Highway 220 (Airport Road), Sierra Blanca Regional Airport offers a range of services and facilities for corporate and private aviation.

SBRA is one of 61 publicly owned, public-use airports in New Mexico. The airport has two runways and supports approximately 14,269 annual operations supported by the two runways that are 8,120 feet by 100 feet and 6,309 feet by 75 feet.  The department is responsible for maintaining the 1,665 acres and ensuring compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.  Airport staff services include fueling aircraft, aircraft towing, airfield inspections and maintenance, leasing, maintaining, and staffing Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) and terminal services for transient and 118-based aircraft, as well as managing a wildlife program. The airport is self-sufficient.

Over the past decade, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), New Mexico State, and the municipality have invested over $20,000,000 in the airport infrastructure, which includes improved drainage, aircraft tie-down/parking areas, and runways and taxiways. The airport services the community with 18,000-square-foot and two 4,800-square-foot aircraft storage hangars and many privately owned hangar facilities.  This significant investment is intended to benefit the approximately 100-plus aircraft that call SBRA home base and the thousands of businesses and visitors who fly to SBRA from throughout the country.

SBRA’s aviation services also include a full-service Fixed-Base Operator, providing fuel, aircraft and vehicle storage parking, aircraft towing, and two rental car agencies. Not to mention, all these services can be available 24/7.

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